Best Performing Banner Ad Sizes On Google Ads

Best Performing Banner Ad Sizes On Google Ads

Google Ads has a reach upto 80% of global internet users. With such huge numbers and affordable plans it is common for an online business to advertise on it. The goals for each business can be different ranging from more email subscriptions to more sales or more traffic to their site. As we all know images speak louder than words, hence it is more common to set up banner ads to increase your brand awareness.

While it seems easy to just create a banner, upload it on Google Ads, set up the demographics and pay the money. The truth is all banners are not worth the buck. So today out of many variables we will talk about banner size which if not “the important” is among the important factors in ad campaign.

Studies on banner ads have shown that different banner ads have different click rates and impression which impacts on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Now if you came here to just look for a short answer. Ads of size 300*250 will get the most clicks in any campaign.

The list goes this way-

  • 300*250  Medium Rectangle
  • 336*280  Large Rectangle
  • 728*90  Leaderboard
  • 300*600  Half Page
  • 320*100  Large Mobile Banner

Now you got the list. Does this mean that you need to just create an ad of size 300*250 and BOOM you start getting all the leads and traffic. Of course NOT, there are just too many variables. Besides size your design needs to be attractive and minimalistic so that it can convey the message to user in just one look.

Your images should be compressed and easy to load. The text should be easily visible and font family easy to read.  The color of your banner should be chosen carefully and much more which we will talk about in other posts.

Hence we can draw out a common conclusion that for a successful ad campaign one must keep on doing experiments and alpha-beta tests & see what works best for him.