Best Platforms for Paid Advertising in 2021

Best Platforms for Paid Advertising in 2021

It has become very important for every business to increase their online presence as humankind is getting more digitized day by day. Paid advertising on reputed platforms is one of the fastest ways to drive best results for your business. Ad formats like images captures more attention than text as they can retain more information which you can get easily designed at lower prices through us. As paid advertising is a little risky because it uses your hard earned money, you have to make sure that you get the best results out of it.

Today we are going to tell you about some of our best hand picked ad networks in the order of great to good to get you maximum juice out of your money.

1. Google Ads

It is no surprise that Google makes up to first in the list. Almost 90% of internet users are in network of Google Ads and it is the biggest search engine on the internet. SO you can be sure to get the best results with both search and display ads.

2. Facebook Ads

After  Google and YouTube, Facebook is the third most visited site in the world. Facebook has reach to more number of users than Bing, hence it is not a bad idea to advertise on Facebook. The only down vote to it is its low CTC and no search ads as you might have guessed that it is not a search engine 🙂

3. Bing Ads

Now here comes the second largest search engine in the world. Bing has the advantage of a fairly large number of users and a serious audience on it’s platform. Stats show that the CTC rate (Click Through Rate) on Bing is more than Facebook which can be an advantage to it.

4. Instagram Ads

Here comes another social media giant from Facebook. Though it is natural to think Facebook better than Instagram due to its comparatively large user base. Mind it, that stats show that Instagram has 10 times more engagements than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter. Due to its beautiful engagement with users it is no surprise that many users are or have already switched from Facebook to Instagram.

5.  LinkedIn Ads

Now we are talking about something serious. Among all social media platforms the most serious audience which you can find will be here. LinkedIn can be a very valuable resource for advertising especially if your business is B2B.

6. Twitter Ads

After Facebook & Instagram Twitter is the social media giant here. You can use different ad formats here like promoted tweets. Twitter is mostly comprised of a younger audience which can give you an edge if your brand is related to it.

7. Pinterest Ads

Another social media platform but it mostly comprises of middle class to upper class women. If your brand niche is related to millennial women or eCommerce you can profit from Pinterest Ads.