How To Choose Colors For Display Ads

How To Choose Colors For Display Ads

Colours have a powerful impact on our brain and it has a significance in every aspects in our life. Our brains process colours faster than text and they are an important element in decision making. It is no magic that most of the big companies have blue colours in their logos like Twitter Facebook as blue signifies trust. So do we at DDwarfs. Different festivals also have set patters of colour use like Christmas has red or the multicolored festival Holi in India.

Same story goes with banner ads. Every banner ads represent the company and the message or the philosophy behind it. Average banner ads have a eye catch rate of 3 seconds which is too less, hence it is necessary that in those seconds a clear message is sent to customer. Colours make up a big part in this message and the first thing that user will notice in your banners. Different colours send a different message. So you have to make sure that the right message is sent to your customers.

Here is a quick glance of how different colours send different messages-

Red– It implies energy, strength, love, warmth and excitement.

Orange– It implies confidence, fun, innovation and youth.

Yellow– It implies happiness, warmth and friendly.

Green– It implies nature, freshness and growth.

Blue– It implies trust, peace, professional and calm.

Purple– It implies royalty, luxury and dignity.

Pink– It implies compassion, fun and feminism.

Brown– It implies simple, rural and rugged.

Black– It implies formality, power and sophistication.

White– It implies clean, honest and peaceful.