Refund policy

Our Refund Policy

What is Refund Policy?

Refund policy is a contract/agreement whereby customers are informed about the policies of refund and returns. The refund policy informs the customers about how many days before they can issue  a refund request.

  • If customers are unsatisfied with their product even after revisions they can issue their refund request* within 3 days after final delivery of the product.
  • If you want to cancel your order after purchase then full refund will only be applicable if it was requested within the same day. After that the refund amount* will be calculated as stated below.

*The refund amount is calculated as: Refund amount= Cost of project – Cost of designing. Only the administrative cost is refunded to the customers and not the designing cost.
As the designing cost is different for every project the refund amount is not fixed and hence cannot be pre-calculated.

If you have any other issue you can contact us through  our email- [email protected] or through our chat app.

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